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Abigail Smith

Urban fantasy author

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The stray Dragon

That last adventure really picked at my own personal scars.

Not only did I have to relive a high school exam, but I'd gone though dying, and... came face to face with my biggest mistake.

Now whenever I close my eyes, she's there. It's been six months and I haven't woken up without tears streaming down my face.

So why not a dragon egg? That sounds like a solid pet to have right? Anderson thought so... after I pinned him to the wall demanding to know who I've killed. So, raising a dragon it is. What better way to do that then to take it on vacation? Vacation sounds fun, and Chateau de Galvos has a pool!

Only problem is everyone who's there, including our wonderful hostess who nearly immediately tried to attack us. We might be able to handle her with the special abilities of our stow away guests, but the real problem comes later.

One tank of a man carrying a modified dragon killing tonfa in each hand demanding to know where "His" dragon is.


Happy birthday Silvia, now get ready for the fight of your life!

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Coming soon

Part three along with the start of a whole new series!

Part three of the werewolf community center, "The stray dragon" just needs its cover, but we have the cover for the upcoming series: Ace mystic!


Ace mystic follows Ace, a former thief who's joined the police force to help consult and deal with magical based criminals.


She's a mystic, someone who uses magical drugs to gain magical secrets, and summon monsters and more to aid her in battle.


Follow her as she tries to outwit two devilish mystics. It's a race though planes of existence and against time