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Abigail Smith

Urban fantasy author

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The stray kitsune

The demon mage is back, and this time he isn’t underestimating us!

This time he’s not content to work in the shadows or with humans. Right in the middle of the university’s campus, he summons a kitsune to wreak havoc on our little group.

This kitsune seems to function with his own logic which is fundamentally alien to us and what’s worse is he’s using it to kick our asses. We can hardly land a solid hit let alone capture him for what we need from him.

A violent storm of chaos is raging forth from this creature as the demon mage does what he wants under its cover.

If we’re not careful someone’s going to end up dead and the demon mage will get his wish of taking over the world for his demon master.

It’s going to take everything we’ve got to take down this kitsune.

The question is, will everyone realize what’s going on? Or will we be able to stitch the shattered pieces of the masquerade back together in time?

Coming soon

Part three along with the start of a whole new series!

Part three of the werewolf community center, "The stray dragon" just needs its cover, but we have the cover for the upcoming series: Ace mystic!


Ace mystic follows Ace, a former thief who's joined the police force to help consult and deal with magical based criminals.


She's a mystic, someone who uses magical drugs to gain magical secrets, and summon monsters and more to aid her in battle.


Follow her as she tries to outwit two devilish mystics. It's a race though planes of existence and against time