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An overactive mind that's fascinated by transformations, wolves, dragons and various other interesting plot points. In hindsight becoming a writer was probably set in stone from even those early days.


Time to put it to good use, I don't intend to stop anytime soon, be it a high stakes thrillers set in New York with magical druggies running the streets, an organized ring of spellcasters and werewolves keeping the world safe, or any other set up I'm going to be writing fantastical tales and I hope you'll join me for the ride.

About the werewolf community centre series

Join Elisabeth on her adventures with the magical community as she finds her place in it. Along the way one determined demon will make earth his master's doorstep no matter the cost. The force against her can be quite stubborn but then again so can she!


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The ace mystic series

Ace is an Ex-con working with the NYPD in a world that's familiar with magic, even if some people aren't aware it exists.


It's in the same multiverse of the werewolf community center, but if she went north she wouldn't find a community center filled with organized werewolves.


With her magical secrets she's able to deal with the criminals that come after her and set up shop in NYC but how well does she deal with her family?


Other than her wife of course,

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